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A Week Of Freedom | Sept. 10 – 16

A Week Of Freedom | Sept. 10 – 16

As Sacramento allocates $1.5 million to pay gang members to not murder each other, we continued doing the hard work to save the Second Amendment in this hard-earned Week of Freedom.

Tucson Comes To Its Senses On Gun Destruction
Stacy Washington describes how Tucson City Council members reluctantly stopped breaking a law against destroying confiscated and turned-in firearms.

When Fighting Back Saves Your Life
NRATV host Cam Edwards explores the danger of leaving your life in the hands of violent criminals with guns.

Exercise Your Freedom | Reloading, Part 11: The Last Step—Crimping
The last of seven steps in the reloading process gets us perilously close to “bang.”

SHARE Act Critical To Hunters And Shooters
A new measure introduced in the U.S. Congress would reduce several burdensome regulations on America’s sportsmen and women.

SHARE Act Brings Renewed Attack On Suppressors
Inclusion of the Hearing Protection Act in the new Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act has some anti-gunners in the media going berserk.

Sacramento Offers Cash To Criminals
Frequent contributor Stacy Washington looks at a plan in Sacramento allocating $1.5 million to pay gang members not to kill each other.

Anti-Gun Politicians: Blocking Out The Facts About Suppressors
AWR Hawkins explains the anti-gun Left’s losing battle to convince people that firearm suppressors are really silencers and should be heavily regulated.

Carry Life | Natural Point Of Aim: Cure-All Or Boondoggle?
There are lots of good techniques out there, but don’t let any of them interfere with essentials.

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