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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Virginia Store Clerk Fatally Shoots Robber Who Kept Coming Back

Some criminals never know when to quit.

When a career felon entered the Little B Convenience Store in Victoria, Va., there were multiple witnesses, surveillance cameras and multiple opportunities not to escalate the situation. However, 35-year-old Milton Terrell Gaithers walked in with a mask over his face and struck the employee in the forehead with his gun. The clerk gave him cash, and after appearing to leave, Gaithers came back for the change. After departing again, he returned for lottery register money. Then, after reaching the door, the suspect returned for cigarettes.

When he finally left, the injured clerk grabbed the store’s .380 handgun, and walked outside—shocked to see Gaither in the lot near customers. The clerk fired a warning shot in the air, but the suspect fired back. The employee then returned fire, sending Gaither running to a nearby church where he fell to the ground and died. Lunenburg County officials said the shooting was self-defense and justified.