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A Week Of Freedom | Aug. 27 – Sept. 2

A Week Of Freedom | Aug. 27 – Sept. 2

Photo credit: Michael Ives

Like Dana Loesch, we counter the lies of the so-called “mainstream” media with the clenched fist of truth in this bare-knuckled Week of Freedom.

Standing Guard | Sessions Seeks Justice For Victims, Consequences For Criminals
Wayne LaPierre discusses Attorney General Jeff Sessions' new emphasis on prosecuting violent criminals.

Dana Loesch: Fighting Lies With The Clenched Fist Of Truth
Dana Loesch is not backing down in calling out the violent Left and the danger it poses to our country.

President’s Column | Pew Report Shows Broad Support For Gun Rights In America
Despite media claims otherwise, a majority of Americans believe the NRA has too little or the right amount of influence.

Editor’s Letter: Fake Outrage, Fake News, Fake March
The manufactured controversy over Dana Loesch’s video has led to some equally phony protests.

Cam’s Corner | Campus Carry Successes
Where are we after a year of Campus Carry in Texas?

Exercise Your Freedom | Tactical Solutions X-Ring
A good .22 LR is hard to beat. If that rimfire happens to be from Tactical Solutions, “hard” may change to “impossible.”

Pete Brownell: Everyman’s Voice
Pete Brownell is now NRA president, an office he will use to “grow the NRA base,” same as he’s done for his company since 1996.

NRA Carry Guard: Katelyn Ely & Steff Huyen Discuss Level 1 Training
These rising archetypes of gun ownership—what enemies of the Bill of Rights fear most—discuss their NRA Carry Guard training.

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