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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ammo In High Demand As Houston Residents Fear Looters

A natural disaster can be all it takes for the social order to collapse and for there to be no one available to protect you but yourself. Many Houston residents are demonstrating their awareness of this reality, as ammunition is reportedly in high demand at local gun stores.

“Our phones are blowing off the hook,” Full Armor Firearms owner James Hillin told thetrace.com. “What people want is ammo. People want to arm up and protect themselves from the looters.” He also said that some suspicious people had begun checking out his gun store but had been scared off by employees. “The looters got the hint pretty quickly,” he said.

In reporting this, the website’s writers tried to show their anti-gun bona fides with an angle about the risk of looters stealing firearms. Yet it sounds like the store in question is quite secure. The real story, as we understand it, is that Houstonians are being proactive about preventing the brand of lawlessness that prevailed in much of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina—and they know that being armed is the number-one way to secure their safety.