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Saturday, September 2, 2017

KU Student Discusses Carrying Gun To Class Under New Law

We told you yesterday about how one hand-wringing Kansas University professor is wearing body armor to class and calling the KU campus a “war zone” now that campus carry is the law. Today we hear from the other side.

A 21-year-old senior named Tom, who preferred not to give his last name, told kansascity.com that he now carries his concealed firearm with him to class every day. “I mean, I’m just a normal student who cares about their safety and the safety of people around them,” he told the news website. “You see all this stuff on the news about people getting killed and having no way to protect themselves. That is why I choose to carry.”

To Tom, it’s simply a matter of being prepared. “I mean, you never know what is going to happen with all the violent incidents that have been happening over the past few years at colleges and other schools,” he concluded.