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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Police Say Armed Washington Homeowner Did Everything Right

When Marysville, Wash., homeowner used his firearm to protect himself and his family on Monday, he handled the situation admirably, according to local law enforcement officials.

According to a report at Q13fox.com, Joe Hemrich came face to face in his own home with a criminal being sought by police. “This the first time in my life it has ever come out of a holster, when I wasn’t at a range,” Hemrich told Q13fox.com. “I train so I know exactly where it is, exactly how to pull it out, whether my finger is going on the trigger.”

Hemrich ordered the man, a transient with four warrants for his arrest, to the front yard and onto the ground, then held him there until police arrived—never firing a shot. Marysville police told the news station that Hemrich did everything right in Monday morning’s altercation.