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Friday, September 22, 2017

New Jersey Senator Still Stumping For “Smart” Gun Mandates

As the architect of New Jersey’s disastrous law requiring that all firearms sold in the state be so-called “smart” guns as soon as the technology was declared viable, you would think that state Sen. Loretta Weinberg would be embarrassed. Instead, she continues to evangelize for the flawed technology without learning from past mistakes.

In an op-ed published on NorthJersey.com, Weinberg touted “smart” guns as a solution to accidental shootings involving children and claimed that a modified Glock 19 is almost ready for police review. Unsurprisingly, she bitterly blamed the NRA for blocking the development of this technology in the past.

Of course, we know that the NRA has done no such thing. What the pro-Second Amendment community loathes is not the idea of “smart” guns, but the political urge to mandate technology that doesn’t even exist in a proven form. Weinberg refuses to acknowledge that simple truth.