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Friday, September 22, 2017

Utah Legislature Considers Raising Carry Permit Cost

Utah gun owners may soon be doling out more cash to renew their concealed-carry permits. State officials claim the $15.75 fee isn’t high enough and lawmakers concurred, voting on Wednesday to move a measure forward that would increase the renewal fee to match the original application fee. That amount was raised in July from $37 to $57.

Sen. Daniel Thatcher introduced the proposal—which would also apply to driver’s licenses—as a means to cover the costs of issuance. “We are doing more work with the same amount of money or less,” Joseph Brown of the Department of Public Safety told Deseret News.

But the NRA’s Brian Judy vehemently disagrees. He argues that the cost of the background check could be done away with altogether by using the free National Instant Criminal Background Check System. "We were told that the renewal fee is adequate,” Judy was quoted as saying. “Why is that now being proposed to be increased?"

New Jersey Senator Still Stumping For “Smart” Gun Mandates

As the architect of New Jersey’s disastrous law requiring that all firearms sold in the state be so-called “smart” guns as soon as the technology was declared viable, you would think that state Sen. Loretta Weinberg would be embarrassed. Instead, she continues to evangelize for the flawed technology without learning from past mistakes.

In an op-ed published on NorthJersey.com, Weinberg touted “smart” guns as a solution to accidental shootings involving children and claimed that a modified Glock 19 is almost ready for police review. Unsurprisingly, she bitterly blamed the NRA for blocking the development of this technology in the past.

Of course, we know that the NRA has done no such thing. What the pro-Second Amendment community loathes is not the idea of “smart” guns, but the political urge to mandate technology that doesn’t even exist in a proven form. Weinberg refuses to acknowledge that simple truth.

Cox Op-Ed Heaps Further Scorn On Washington Post Writer

We told you last week how NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox took on Washington Post writer Dana Milbank for lying about the NRA, hunters and law-abiding gun owners. Cox recently doubled down on that piece with a column at dailycaller.com pointing out further problems with Milbank’s Post op-ed.

“Milbank’s article, about a new piece of pro-sportsmen legislation, the SHARE Act, is littered with misleading and incorrect terminology to describe even the most basic firearms classifications, revealing how little he actually knows about guns,” Cox wrote. “His contempt for hunters, NRA members and gun owners in general is made clear through his condescending tone and misrepresentation of the facts.”

Cox concluded: “Instead of acknowledging the very real difficulties America’s sportsmen face, Milbank takes issue with nearly every aspect of this comprehensive bill, denouncing all sportsmen in the process and showing the world that he is incapable of objective reporting on a major piece of legislation before Congress.”

Armed Citizen Stops Sexual Assault On Jogger

A woman was jogging on a popular Austin, Texas, nature trail at about 5:45 a.m. on Friday when she heard footsteps behind her. A man, identified as 22-year-old Richard Jordon McEachern, grabbed her bear hug-style and pulled her to the ground, then climbed on top of her. Upon seeing her attempt to use her safety whistle, he covered her mouth and began repeating, “Shhh, it’s me, baby, it’s me.” Then, as the assault continued, he told her that he was a virgin and that this was his first time.

While he worked to remove her shoes and shorts, she managed to scream, attracting the attention of a fellow jogger and good Samaritan, who turned on his flashlight and followed the direction of her screams. Upon finding the victim, he pulled out his gun and demanded McEachern get off her. The suspect complied, and the woman ran toward the armed citizen. McEachern fled—but not before stealing the woman’s shorts and shoes.

Police found him on Monday, sleeping near the same trail and still naked from the waist down.

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