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A Week Of Freedom | Sept. 17 – Sept. 23

A Week Of Freedom | Sept. 17 – Sept. 23

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While Michael Bloomberg continues to push his gun-ban schemes from state to state, we bring you the latest news on Second Amendment issues in this Week of Freedom.

Washington Post Fake News, Part 2
We dig further into the anti-gun, anti-NRA editorial by Dana Milbank published last week in The Washington Post.

When The Hurricane Hits, Will You Be A Hero Or A Zero?
Chuck Holton shares what he has learned in his 15 years of experience covering natural disasters.

Reuniting The United States With Reciprocity
National concealed-carry reciprocity legislation is gaining momentum in the U.S. Congress, regardless of what you hear from gun-ban advocates.

Bloomberg Spending Millions To Elect Anti-Gun Virginia Governor
AWR Hawkins explores Michael Bloomberg’s expenditure of $1 million to elect anti-gun candidates to top posts in Virginia.

The NRA World Shooting Championship
Cam Edwards describes his visit last weekend to Glengary, W.Va., for the NRA World Shooting Championship—and why he thinks you should go next year.

Carry Life | Choosing Caliber
How to choose the right caliber is a question asked by many. We give the definitive answer.

Permitless Carry On The Move In Wisconsin
A Wisconsin Senate committee has passed permitless carry legislation designed to make the Badger State the 13th to not require a government permit for law-abiding adults to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense.

Campus Carry: Nearly 15 Years With Zero Crimes By Concealed Carriers
Frequent contributor AWR Hawkins explores the phenomenal success and safety of the campus-carry movement.

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