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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Delivery Driver Returns Fire, Drives Off Robbers

When an Atlanta, Ga., delivery driver loaded an order of Chinese food into his vehicle and approached his destination at about 10:20 Tuesday night, he didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. But it turned out the house he had been sent to was vacant—and the order he was carrying wasn’t a meal, but a setup.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, as the driver spoke with a woman who came to meet him in the driveway, he was ambushed from behind by two men—one of whom pulled out a gun and shot him in the back. In response, the driver pulled out his own gun and shot back, striking one of the men in the leg.

The other man and the woman fled on foot. The wounded suspect stumbled away, but was soon arrested by police. He and the driver were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Police are still searching for the other man, the woman, and another woman suspected to have been involved in the incident.


Firearm Prosecutions Continue To Rise Under AG Sessions

While federal prosecution of firearm-related offenses took a sharp dive under Attorney General Eric Holder, the tenure of Jeff Sessions has seen a marked and consistent increase, reaching 12.5 percent since he took office.

“The Department [of Justice] has convicted more than 1,200 members of gangs, cartels, and their subsidiaries since the beginning of the year,” Sessions told an audience of the Fraternal Order of Police, as reported in Lifezette. More gun cases have been initiated each month than the corresponding month of last year.

According to Lawrence Leiser, president of the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys, the change may be less about positive policy and more about a lack of the leniency that Holder called for. “I think it’s happening naturally,” he said. “Nobody’s ever told us to prosecute more cases. What the attorney general’s done is asked us to go back to the practice that began in the 1980s.”



Extreme Danger Prompts Chicago Gun Control Activist To Buy Gun

A gun control activist in Chicago has decided her neighborhood in the Windy City is so dangerous that it’s time for drastic action.

According to a report at Breitbart.com, activist Camiella Williams not only owns a gun, but got her concealed-carry permit too.

A former gang member, Williams later got a college education and become an anti-gun lobbyist at the Illinois State Legislature. Interestingly, she continues to lobby for gun control today, even while having prepared herself to take care of herself if necessary.

Williams says people who see inconsistency in her campaigning for gun control while owning and carrying a gun do not understand the danger of the neighborhood in which she lives.

University Shooting Team Benefits From NRA Foundation Grant

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Iron Horse Shooting Team will be headed to the Arkansas State Championship Shoot and National Championship Shoot next spring, courtesy of the National Rifle Association. TXK Today reports that The NRA Foundation presented the team with a grant in the amount of $3,629 this week.

“Without the funding provided by the NRA, we would not be able to offer this opportunity to our students,” said Jill Bobo, University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Foundation Executive Director. The shooting team competes each year in the Arkansas State Shoot and in the National Championship Shoot in San Antonio, Texas.

The grant was made possible through a local Friends of NRA chapter.

“We are very excited to be able to help our local college’s shooting team and pleased that the NRA is investing in our community,” added Cyril Stewart, vice chairman of the Piney Woods Friends of the NRA Chapter #AR28.


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