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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Senate Candidate Temporarily Banned From Facebook Over Gun Giveaway

Austin Petersen is running for a Senate seat in Missouri, and as part of a campaign fundraiser offered on Facebook to give away a free AR-15 to one lucky participant. Now the social-media giant has slapped him with a 30-day ban for using a gun in his promotion. 

A post on social-media site Steemit featured some of Petersen’s tweets after receiving the notification. “Banned from Facebook for 30 days for talking about guns,” he wrote. “Expect me to be a lot more annoying over here on Twitter for a month.”

Petersen also pointed out that Facebook doesn’t always seem to have a problem with guns, at least when the sentiments expressed line up more closely with the company’s politics. “‘Member when I posted on Facebook that gay married couples should protect their marijuana fields with machine guns and didn’t get banned?”