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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NRA Ad: We Are All Standing

Dom Raso is a veteran U.S. Navy SEAL who has witnessed firsthand the sacrifices that brave men and women make in defense of our freedom. So with an increasing number of athletes refusing to stand during the playing of our National Anthem, he felt compelled to speak out. 

“We Stand” is the latest ad in NRA’s Freedom’s Safest Place campaign and, in it, Raso explains why he rises up. “I stand to honor the sacrifices of the generations before me,” he says in the 60-second spot. “Heroes who charged into battle through bombs and bullets … who lost their brothers and still pushed through, fighting for every inch of our freedom.” 

Raso isn’t alone in his refusal to take a knee. "NRA members stand for the flag, and they want the whole country to know it," declared NRA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre. In other words, says Raso, “We are all standing.” Watch the full video here.