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Friday, September 29, 2017

National School Shield Visits Oregon Town To Beef Up Security

The town of Glide, Ore., is receiving a free boost to school safety, courtesy of the National School Shield initiative funded by The NRA Foundation. 

Through the Security Assessor Training program, about two dozen law-enforcement officers from around the state are receiving valuable training, which they can then apply to their local middle and high school, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending new security protocols to address them. According to The News-Review, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office requested the free training after the head of the local Friends of NRA chapter approached principal Kristina Haug about it. 

"We look at vulnerability assessments to help them better serve their schools and find weaknesses in the overall security from outside in," explained National School Shield instructor Darrel Schenck. "It's also a way to build the relationships between the law enforcement and the schools in the community."

Virginia Sheriff Waives Permit Fee In Response To Antioch Church Shooting

We recently told you about an armed Tennessee usher who halted a massacre in his Antioch church. Now, in response to the violence, a sheriff in Virginia is waiving concealed-carry permit fees for residents of his county. 

Guns.com reports that in a statement released Monday, Smyth County Sheriff Chip Shuler said that the $35 fee would be waived indefinitely starting on Oct. 2. He also announced that free concealed-carry courses will be offered beginning in November. 

“In a time when it seems that we are under attack by domestic and international threats, I am concerned that our safety is at risk due to acts of violence such as the event in the church outside of Nashville this past weekend,” Shuler said. He hopes the cost reductions will encourage the law-abiding citizens of his county to be prepared in case they face a similar incident. “The situation in Antioch is a prime example of how a reaction can save lives.”

National Reciprocity Bill Moving Forward

National reciprocity legislation is moving closer and closer to being heard in the House. H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, now has 212 co-sponsors—Congressman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., was the latest to sign on, as NRA-ILA recently noted

The measure will recognize concealed-carry permits in all states. If passed, law-abiding gun owners will no longer need to worry about traveling to another state and not being covered by reciprocity agreements—a situation that can lead to the sort of injustices that Ginny Simone has reported on numerous times. Citizens in states with permitless carry would also be allowed to carry in all other states.

Use Your Power!

Your help is needed to help ensure this measure gets heard. Contact your representative today in support of H.R. 38 in the House and S. 446, the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, in the Senate. To urge your U.S. senators and representatives to co-sponsor and support these important bills, click here.

Shooting Club And Police Department Receive NRA Foundation Support

Your NRA is continuing to make a difference, extending assistance for youth shooting and law enforcement.

The police department in Brownsville, Texas, received three rifles through a $3,300 grant provided by The NRA Foundation. The Brownsville Herald reports that the gift consisted of two AR-10 rifles and one AR-15 carbine for the department’s SWAT team. 

In addition, according to The Buffalo News, a $3,000 grant was provided to the Ten-X Shooting Club in Lancaster, N.Y. This money is earmarked to set up a youth shooting program, which the club had previously lacked the money to form. Ten-X president Peter Vasilion acknowledged the grant as an investment in the local community’s young people.

Ohio Homeowner Fires Shot To Drive Off Burglary Suspect

A resident of Dayton, Ohio, told police that he heard a loud noise from his front door at around 4:30 a.m. The man, a concealed-carry permit holder, retrieved his pistol and fired a shot at an intruder, who reportedly entered his bedroom using a cell phone as a flashlight.

Reports from WDTN and WRGT indicate that a suspect or suspects fled, dropping a phone at the scene. 28-year-old Dawane Kelso was arrested later that morning, apparently after receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to the leg. According to an article from 2013 in the Dayton Daily News, Kelso was previously arrested for breaking and entering. He is currently being charged with burglary and aggravated burglary.

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