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A Week of Freedom | Sept. 24 — Sept. 27

A Week of Freedom | Sept. 24 — Sept. 27

Pro- and anti-gun forces battle it out in D.C. and Virginia, and the NRA continues to stand for liberty for all, as we bring you the latest news on Second Amendment issues in this Week of Freedom. 

We Need Judges Who Stand For Gun Rights
President Trump is building the federal judiciary in favor of the Second Amendment.

Those Who Call The NRA Racist Don’t Know Our History
Despite media claims to the contrary, NRA has long been dedicated to inclusivity.

The Armed Citizen® | Iowa
Iowans have guns and know how to use them, as these criminals found out the hard way. 

Exercise Your Freedom | STI Costa Carry Comp
STI’s Costa Carry Comp has us testing new limits.

Capital Of Denial
How much longer can D.C. ignore the Second Amendment?

First Damascus From Jesse James
This custom 1911 is the first from Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.

Carry Life | Caliber and Capability
Lots of things go into becoming proficient with your carry firearm, including competition.

Virginians Need To Vote Freedom First
Old Dominion state residents need to cast their vote against pro-gun control candidates.

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