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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pro-Gun Bill Passes Michigan House, Moves to Senate

A pro-gun bill in Michigan passed the Republican-led House this week and now moves on to the Senate for consideration. House Bill 4458 would significantly reduce the penalties imposed on gun owners with expired concealed-carry licenses. 

Under the current Michigan law, gun owners caught carrying a gun with an expired license are slapped with a felony charge and up to five years in prison. By contrast, residents driving with an expired license are hit with a misdemeanor charge and a $100 fine. 

H.B. 4458 would reduce the potential five-year prison sentence to a $330 fine. The fee would be waived, however, if the license is renewed within 60 days of the violation. 

The AP reported that the bill overwhelmingly passed by a 82-26 vote. “This is common sense legislation that I feel is long overdue,” bill sponsor Rep. Shane Hernandez said.