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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Meeting On Campus Carry Concerns Draws Only One Person

With campus carry taking effect at Georgia colleges and Universities on July 1, administrators at Augusta University thought it would be prudent to have a gathering to address questions and concerns students might have about the law.

The main question, it seems, was why the meeting was being held at all, as only one participant showed up—and he was the director of student health at the college, according to a report at breitbart.com.

While organizers plan to try again with better advertising, Breitbart stated, “AU Chief of Police James C. Lyon said he has not received a single call from someone concerned or alarmed by someone carrying a concealed weapon.” That’s just what Jerry Henry, Georgia Carry executive director, expected. “The fact that only the director of Student Health attended the meeting proves what we predicted: that campus carry would have no adverse affect on student life, nor would it interfere with classroom studies, other than rendering the campus a safer place,” Henry said.