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Thursday, September 7, 2017

CNN Pushes More Fake News About NRA’s Loesch

Media trade group Digital Content Next (DCN) is targeting the NRA for a video released in April featuring spokeswoman Dana Loesch. In the piece, titled “Taking on the Times,” Loesch slammed The New York Times as a dutiful shill for the Left and put the newspaper on alert. “We’re going to laser-focus on your so-called ‘honest pursuit of truth,’” she promised of their media bias. “In short, we’re coming for you.”

In a letter to Loesch, DCN took exception to her “incendiary language,” saying it was “un-American to threaten journalists.” They then proceeded to explain to Loesch the concept of the free press (which, presumably, also includes the right of the people to criticize that free press). When the letter was “leaked” to the press, CNN was all too glad to publish it—because nothing says “news” like a five-month-old video—and jump on the Loesch-bashing bandwagon.

It’s ironic that CNN, of all media entities, is accusing the NRA of “crossing a line.” It’s the very same CNN that threatened to identify a Reddit user behind a Trump video and caused USA Today to report at the time, “It's the antithesis of journalism for a news organization to monitor speech and decide whether someone is crossing a line and should be ruined.”

And CNN wonders why no one in America takes the network seriously. Correspondent Nick Valencia tweeted last week about being heckled by a crowd shouting derogatory things. “Unbelievable,” he said. We agree, Nick: “Unbelievable” sums CNN up quite well.