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A Week Of Freedom | Sept. 3 – 9

A Week Of Freedom | Sept. 3 – 9

The Second Amendment takes on new meaning in the face of natural disaster in this hurricane-heavy Week of Freedom.

What Can Pew Research Tell Us About NRA And Gun Owners?
A new study paints a bright picture for the future of gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

Expo Proves Chief Flynn Is Wrong About Concealed Carry
Cam Edwards says Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn should apologize to concealed-carry permit holders, especially now that the NRA Carry Guard Expo has revealed that he’s completely wrong.

Exercise Your Freedom | Reholstering
One thing to never do in a hurry—reholster your handgun.

More Fake News On NRA And Race
Editor Mark Chesnut reveals yet another fake news story claiming that NRA is a racist organization.

U.S. Virgin Islands Politician Uses Hurricane To Order Gun Confiscation
The governor of an American territory has instructed his National Guard to take firearms and ammunition from private citizens in the face of an impending natural disaster.

California Democrats Pushing New Gun Controls For Law-Abiding Citizens
With gun ownership already heavily regulated in the state, California Democrats are pushing several more bills that would only affect law-abiding citizens, not criminals.

Carry Life | All Thumbs
Fresh from three superb training venues, we’ve found a common, and problematic, thread.

Armed In The Storm
When a natural disaster hits and chaos reigns, the Second Amendment is all that stands between law-abiding citizens and those who would prey upon them.

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