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Chatterday | Saturday, September 9

Chatterday | Saturday, September 9

“I would caution those that want to come and prey on our people here in Fort Bend County that are suffering so much right now, you may want to stay out of Fort Bend County because you could leave this county in a bag.” — Sheriff Troy Nehls of Fort Bend County, Texas, warning looters to leave residents of his county alone in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“DRGO believes that a patient’s gun ownership is none of their healthcare providers' business.” — Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership in announcing a new service to connect patients with 2A-friendly doctors.

“I couldn’t make myself vote ‘yes.’ I think it is wrong in every way, shape and form.” — Tucson, Ariz., council member Regina Romero lamenting the council’s decision to end the destruction of confiscated guns, which the city has been doing illegally for years.

“People need the ability to protect themselves during times of natural disaster. This dangerous order violates the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens and puts their lives at risk.” — NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox on Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp's order for the National Guard to confiscate guns and ammo from private citizens.

“We obviously hope and pray that nothing would ever happen of that nature here, but we want to be prepared in the unlikely event it does occur.” — Brock, Texas, School Superintendent Scott Drillette on the district’s decision to let certain employees serve as armed “Guardians” at Brock Schools.

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