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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Audit Finds California Schools Unprepared For Shootings

Despite some high-profile mass shootings and plenty of talk in political circles, a California state auditor report released last week concluded that K-12 schools in the state are not properly prepared for “active shooter” scenarios.

“Districts and county offices have provided their schools with inadequate oversight, resulting in the schools’ potential reliance on insufficient or nonexistent safety plans and creating an environment for inadequate emergency response,” the audit reads. Schools in the San Bernardino area were singled out for their lack of planning, even after the terrorist attack there. Campus Safety magazine reports that some county offices either questioned the accuracy of the audit or claimed to be compliant with the law, no matter how unprepared they are.

Meanwhile, the California Assembly is considering a bill designed to eliminate the ability of school administrators to authorize lawful carry of firearms on school grounds in the districts that allow it. You’ve got to ask yourself, are they even trying to keep kids safe?