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2018 Election Watch: We Can’t Allow Loss of the Pro-Gun Senate Majority

On a recent airing of the NRATV series “Stinchfield,” former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino visited with host Grant Stinchfield to discuss the biggest issue gun owners face in the coming year—the mid-term elections that will determine the makeup of the U.S. Congress. As the two noted, even in the wake of President Trump’s resounding victory just a year ago, this is hardly a time to feel secure.

Stinchfield pulled no punches in describing the current electoral landscape as “… a kicking, scratching fight. I’ve never seen Democrats as engaged as they are right now.” No wonder producers subtitled the segment: “Solution: Recruit More Pro-Gun Conservatives.”

Bongino pointed out there were real-life reasons why Trump’s message resonated with so many voters—including folks living in states where political elites continue to block concealed carry. “Now with this cycle,” he analyzed, “if we lose the Senate, it’s important to understand, [progress] is over. There’s no bipartisanship anymore.”

Watch the full segment to learn more about the coming storm.

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