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Ted Cruz Rally Shows Gun-Ban Activists' True Colors

Ted Cruz Rally Shows Gun-Ban Activists' True Colors

One big problem gun-ban activists struggle with is that sometimes they mess up and tell the truth about their goals, even during the election season.

As an example, take a recent campaign event for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, held in Amarillo, Texas.

As background, NRA-PVF A-rated Cruz is facing an F-rated challenger in Democrat Beto O’Rourke. At the Amarillo event, a pompous, loud-mouthed O’Rourke supporter infiltrated the crowd and loudly argued with Cruz on several points—one of which was gun ownership.

As Cruz addressed the Second Amendment, one of his supporters shouted, “Come and take it.”

The O’Rourke supporter brashly shouted, “Oh, we will!”

It’s spur-of-the-moment candidness like that by the O’Rourke supporter that shows the true aim of most gun control advocates. “Oh, we will!” goes beyond banning guns to confiscating guns, and the guy couldn’t have been more cheerful about it.

For his part, Cruz quickly took advantage of the statement.

“‘Come and take it,’ and the Beto O’Rourke supporter screams, ‘Oh, we will!’” Cruz said. “If you want to sum this entire election up, that’s their approach. They want to come and take it. And the question is, is Texas going to stand up and defend our freedom?”

Such rare honesty by a gun-ban proponent, especially during an election season, tells us more than just that Texas voters should shun O’Rourke and flock to the polls to support Cruz. It is an indication of the true goal of Democrat candidates and politicians throughout much of the nation.

Sure, after some nice work by slick-tongued speech writers, most anti-gun Democrats hide behind focus-group-tested phrases like, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but …”; “military-type assault weapons”; and “common-sense gun safety measures.” That’s because they know coming out and telling the truth—that they’d not only like to ban many firearms owned by law-abiding gun owners, but they’d also like to confiscate those guns—won’t fly with most Americans, who believe that there is a true individual right to keep and bear arms.

Remember that remark—“Oh, we will!”—when you head to the polls on Nov. 6. Because that’s exactly how most anti-gun candidates feel about the Second Amendment.

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