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NRA Saves Lives, Writer Asserts

NRA Saves Lives, Writer Asserts

Every time a criminal uses a gun to kill people, it seems, the gun control folks start blaming the NRA. That outcry was especially loud after the Florida school shooting in February. But Harry Kazianis has a different perspective, and his is based on seeing the NRA in action first-hand.

After a member of his family fell victim of a gun-and-knife robbery, much thought was put into the decision to buy a gun for protection. He did a lot of research on his own, about what kind of gun would best suit his needs and such, but when it came to learning how to use the firearm safely, NRA-certified instructors get the credit, Kazianis said.

And it wasn’t just the gun owner who reaped benefits from the NRA-trained instructor: Kazianis, who had never seen a gun before, said his coach “took the mystery out of firearms” and imbued the principles of dealing with guns responsibly.

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