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Illinois Gun Range Offers Free CCW Class to Teachers

Illinois Gun Range Offers Free CCW Class to Teachers

Instead of sitting around waiting for government to come up with a concrete plan, a privately run enterprise in Illinois is taking the lead to offer concealed carry training to teachers. The announcement by the On Target Range & Tactical Training Center in Crystal Lake comes on the heels of a similar offer in Ohio.

Regular readers might remember that not long after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., an Ohio sheriff said he’d provide free defensive firearm training to teachers. The class drew throngs of participants.

On Target is seeing a high level of interest, too. Initially, the range said it would set aside two training slots for school personnel at each of its CCW classes; that number has since grown to six because of high demand.

While the anti-gunners wring their hands and try to come up with more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners—restrictions that will do little to curtail crime in gun-free zones like schools—it’s nice to see a private business stepping up and doing something to actually make the schools less of a sitting duck for deranged madmen.

The debate on arming teachers has garnered renewed interest at a national level.

Illinois law currently prohibits concealed carry on school property, but On Target’s director of range operations, Tom Dorsch, says the class will prepare educators should the law change.

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