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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Georgia: Bad Lesson Plan

Georgia:  Bad Lesson Plan

The social studies curriculum at Hampton Middle School in Hampton, Ga., called for students to be studying Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Instead, 7th grade teacher Corey Sanders decided to switch it up a bit.

Blue Lives Matter reported that Sanders gave an assignment to his middle schoolers in March to write a letter to the lawmakers of the United States. “You are trying to persuade lawmakers to have stricter gun laws to help prevent another school shooting from taking place,” the directions read.

William Lee might never have known of his son’s assignment had he not asked him about this homework for the night. “He said he had to write a paper on gun control,” recalled the law enforcement officer. “I said, ‘Uh oh, let me see the assignment.’” After reading through it, Lee emailed Sanders to say that his son wouldn’t be writing the letter. Sanders assured Lee his son wouldn’t be penalized for missing the assignment.

But a bigger concern remained for Lee. “Were they planning to mail them?” While other parents expressed misgivings about the assignment, most didn’t learn about it until the letters were completed and turned in. Asks Lee, “Where are those letters now?”

The Henry County School District later issued a statement to Fox News. “The lesson topic was not a part of an approved curriculum. ... We would never approve of a politically biased assignment or directive given by a teacher. ... We do not condone the actions that transpired. It has been handled appropriately with the teacher to ensure they know this is not acceptable and won’t happen again.”