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Gun Bans Are Why Elections Matter

Gun Bans Are Why Elections Matter

Welcome to this special election issue of America’s 1st Freedom magazine. In this issue, we’ve devoted a majority of our space to covering this November’s midterm elections, and it’s not hard to see why.

To be blunt, the upcoming election is one of the most important in our lifetimes. That might sound like hyperbole, but recent events prove what we’ve been saying for a long time—anti-gunners don’t just want “common-sense gun safety measures,” they want to take your guns, and take away your right to defend yourselves and your families.

Consider some participants at the recent “March on the NRA,” where, incidentally, David Hogg made an appearance—complete with armed security.

“I believe in the ban of all guns,” said one female participant. “I don’t think it’s necessary for civilians to carry around firearms and things that can kill people in an instant of a second. I don’t think civilians need guns at all. And I believe that we should repeal the Second Amendment.”

“I believe in the ban of all guns,” said one female participant.
So in summary, given her way, she would not only do away with concealed-carry laws and the Second Amendment, but ban all ownership of firearms by anyone except the government (and we’ve seen how that often turns out).

Another woman took aim at not only private gun ownership, but the basic right of self-defense.

“Yes, a gun ban is absolutely what’s necessary,” she said. “We have people who think that it’s ok to kill an intruder [in] their house. If an intruder in your house came before a judge, they would not get the death penalty. So we need to have a whole different mindset.”

This woman, it seems, would not only ban all guns, but would happily take away your right to protect yourself and your loved ones—even in your own home!

Of course, such statements run counter to what the Demanding Moms and Everytown folks claim they want—“common sense” and “gun safety.” What they really want is to ban guns and take away your right to self-defense. And their constituents admit it nearly every time they gather in public.

That’s why each of us must do everything we can to elect pro-gun candidates at every level in November, and retain pro-gun control of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. To fail to do so is to put gun-banning power into the hands of those who distrust law-abiding firearm owners and would like to see the Second Amendment relegated to the dustbin of history.

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