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Chicago: The Real Story

Chicago: The Real Story

We see it in the headlines week after week after week—another 30 to 40 people shot in Chicago over the weekend, with a dozen or so fatalities. The numbers seem so mind-boggling that we can sometimes forget that they represent real people, not just statistics quoted by politicians to call for more—and more restrictive—gun control laws.

What’s really going on in Chicago? Are the streets as mean as local newspapers would have you believe? And can we have a legitimate opinion concerning the violence on the Windy City’s South Side simply by listening to debates over proposed anti-gun laws?

In truth, the violence problem plaguing many Chicago neighborhoods is much more complex than most of us think.

Enter Colion Noir. I’ve been a fan of Noir’s since before he began making videos for NRA, and I regularly watch his “NOIR” program, now in its seventh season, on NRATV.

Noir recently traveled to Chicago­­—not to talk to politicians, pundits or media members, but to look for the truth by talking to community members who are largely ignored by the so-called “mainstream” media. Through interviews with Karim Shakir, owner of Hyde Park Barber Studio; Dave Jeff of PHIL Inc.; Leonard “GLC” Harris, hip-hop artist and community organizer; and Chip Eberhart, master instructor of Top Shot Academy; Noir paints a picture of a very complex issue with more questions than answers.

In the end, Noir, who intends to visit Chicago again soon to learn even more about the travails of South Side residents, comes to some conclusions of his own.

Colion Noir

“I know I was only there for a few days and I’ve yet to be there in the winter, but Chicago has my heart,” Noir said. “In those short days, I was able to see many facets of the city. … If I’m going to be honest, there’s no excuse for the state of
South Side Chicago. This city is too beautiful, and the people too awesome, to have people forced to live under the thumb of violence, drugs and, most importantly, economic scarcity that the people of South Side Chicago have to live under.

“I’m the biggest proponent of personal responsibility. But what I saw there wasn’t simply the consequence of the lack of personal accountability. This is deliberate negligence and mismanagement.”

I highly recommend that you watch this episode of “NOIR.” To watch the full report, “Chicago: The Real Story,” visit nratv.com today.

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