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New NRATV Video: Double Standard for the “Protected Class”

New NRATV Video: Double Standard for the “Protected Class”

When it comes to ensuring personal safety, a double-standard exists for a “Protected Class” of special people who benefit from what they want to take away from ordinary law-abiding Americans.

 Who are these special people whose safety is protected by walls, security details with guns, and special security measures?

  • A deluded billionaire (Michael Bloomberg),
  • A career political hack(Nancy Pelosi) from a family of political hacks who’ve lived for decades off public coffers,
  • A social climber (Gavin Newsome) with connections to the rich,
  • A power-hungry lawyer (Kamala Harris), and
  • A wannabe Communist (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) with lofty ambitions.

 These anti-gun elitists and politicians believe in taking away our freedoms while keeping those same freedoms for themselves. Why? Only they are the “protected class” who deserve to feel safe and secure. Not you and I, or everyone else.

 But America is a democratic nation, not a socialist one. And ordinary Americans like us have always taken a strong stance against tyranny by the power-hungry elitists.

We at the NRA, and our members, will continue to defend our individual freedoms and Second Amendment rights. We encourage you to watch and share this new video on NRATV and YouTube about “The Protected Class” in a commentary by NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield.

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