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Freedom Lives On The Light Of Truth

Freedom Lives On The Light Of Truth

Editors are guides. They show the way to things we want to experience or understand. We need them to be honest, unflappable and competent, but also merry, open and willing to take a step back to let us experience things for ourselves. The thing about guides, though, is when it’s time to take the photo we’ll likely get the guide in a photo or two, but those probably aren’t the photos we’ll put on the wall.

As the new editor in chief of America’s 1st Freedom, I understand this relationship. Our mission in these pages—and at Americas1stFreedom.org—is to honestly take you on a monthly or daily journey to all that is happening with your American freedom. At times it’ll be a wild adventure. At others a call to action. Sometimes we’ll stop to shake our heads at the absurdities dreamed up by those trying to ban what they don’t even understand. But, most of all, we’ll keep following the path of individual liberty that are your Second Amendment rights.

We do this because in this democratic republic we know that a well-informed public is the best defense of our freedom. Anti-gun activists lie, deceive and spin the news into storms of propaganda to get their way because they are wrong, and they know it. It is our job, as your guides, to take the spin out as we openly search for the truth.

Because stopping now and then to look back at how far we’ve come in the struggle for freedom can give a healthy perspective, our cover story this month is on the growth of concealed carry over the last three decades. After chronicling the big steps we’ve taken toward becoming a safer, freer nation, we look forward again to see how far we have to go—as we know that those who take their freedom for granted will surely give up their liberty one law and one restriction at a time.

Though these political times can be loud, partisan and even full of sophistry, we know we are right because we have been honest with ourselves. We know American freedom is right. This is what America’s 1st Freedom is solely focused on achieving.

Thanks for letting us be some of your guides to the light of freedom.

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