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Legends In Arms

Legends | The Perfect Gun For Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

These giant shotguns, which could weigh up to 200 pounds each, were used by early...

Legends | Springfield Sporter

Can you guess which important political figure owned this historic Springfield sporter rifle?

Storm In The Desert

Can you name the Tennessee native who designed this rifle used extensively during Operation Desert...

Legends | An Army Classic

Can you name the man responsible for this fantastic firearm design?

Legends | A Gun From Gallipoli

This well-traveled Lee-Metford rifle was the choice of an Australian sniper serving in the Gallipoli...

Legends | Guns Of A Titan

Can you guess the name of the American businessman who owned this special shotgun—plus a...

Doubling Down

Can you guess what international star sharpshooter used this handgun in a cameo role?

American Sniper

This Remington 700 was used by actor Bradley Cooper to portray U.S. Navy SEAL sniper...

The Harpers Ferry Breechloader

Can you guess the name of the innovative Mainer who invented this breechloader and manufactured...

Legends | In All Its Glory

Can you name the man who was the brains behind this fantastic semi-auto pistol design?...

The Cross-Eyed Rifle

The special Winchester Model 70 owned by legendary gun writer John T. Amber.

Presidential Five-Shooter

This revolver was a gift from Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Master Gunsmith

When this master craftsman started work on a gun, the result was nearly always an...

Sixgun Sharpshooter

Can you guess the name of the revolver sharpshooter who owned this special gun?

Out Of Africa

You might not recognize this historical figure’s rifle, but you’ll probably recognize his famous quotation:...
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