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Legends In Arms

Wrong Side Of The Border?

A Texas Ranger captain’s rifle, bag and watch.

Triple Distinguished

This sharpshooter was known as “Mr. Pistol,” but started his U.S. Marine career as a...

Pat Garrett’s Thunderer

This gold-washed Colt revolver used by the famous lawman is as storied as it is...

A Rifle The Army Passed On

Most of his guns bore ladies’ names, but his most famous was eponymous. Can you...

Code Duello

Can you guess the name of the famous senator, nicknamed “Old Bullion,” who used these...

The King Of Cool

Can you guess the name of the actor—later known as the “King of Cool”—who carried...

Sharing A Gold Moment

A medal-winning rifle from the 1976 Olympics

Long-Range Legend

You’ll never guess the name of this 62-year-old sharpshooter who nearly pulled off the impossible...

The Grape Shot Revolver

Check out this unconventional revolver from the NRA’s National Firearms Museum.

A Gun For The Guv

Which Civil War-era general, governor, and legislator received this gun from Samuel Colt?

A Famed Author’s Colt Revolver

A unique revolver named after the “King of the Dime Novels.”

A Family Treasure

This beautiful percussion rifle has been passed down through generations.

One Inventor’s Innovation

Can you name this prolific German firearms inventor?

A Gun For Misbehavin’

What secret is hiding in spaceship captain Malcolm Reynolds’ gun?

A Train Robber's Revolver

Can you guess the infamous owner of this Colt revolver?
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