University Of Alaska Concealed-Carry Bill Passes Senate

This week a bill was approved by the Alaska Senate allowing the right to carry on University of Alaska campuses.

Alaska Hunter Kills Bear That Was Attacking Friend

Anthony Lindoff of Juneau, Alaska, and Josh Dybdahl of Hoonah were enjoying an afternoon of deer hunting Saturday on Alaska’s Chichagof Island when the tables turned and they became the hunted.

Good Samaritan Helps Detain Robbery Suspect In Alaska

When employees of a mall clothing store in Anchorage, Alaska, noticed that a customer seemed to be concealing stolen goods in a bag, they alerted mall security.

Alaska Senate Committee Weighs Campus Carry Bill

The Education Committee in the Alaska state senate heard testimony Tuesday regarding SB 174, which would remove restrictions for the carrying of concealed firearms on college campuses.

Exercise Your Freedom | Firearms Tourism: Alaska!

Guns & Gear Editor Frank Winn visits with a Juneau, Alaska, gun shop owner about his firearms tourism business.

The Armed Citizen® Alaska

The cool air of the rugged north doesn’t always put the chill on violent crime.

Alaskan Homeowner Sends Criminal Packing

Several suspects allegedly approached a home in Anchorage, Alaska, and pepper-sprayed the owner after he opened the door.

Sixth State Embraces “Permitless” Carry

Maine has joined the ranks of Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, Kansas and Vermont in recognizing “permitless” concealed carry

Armed Anchorage Citizens End Animal Attack

A pit bull bolted from an Anchorage, Alaska, trailer home, and attacked a nine-year-old girl.

11-Year-Old Saves Family From Charging Bear

An Alaska family is safe, thanks to an 11-year-old boy who fought off a bear attacking them as they walked to a fishing spot last month.

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