Semper Fi: 239 Years And Counting

Call ‘em what you will: Leathernecks, Jarheads or Devil Dogs, they were at the beginning.

Meet Allan Cors

Cors’ role in blunting the 1968 Gun Control Act and creating NRA-ILA can’t be overstated.

Bloomberg’s Squandered Bucks

"Their aggressive advocacy of gun control in a pivotal Senate race in the Richmond area may have backfired by producing a pro-Republican backlash."

Is The Best Defense A Good Book? Part II

Kopel follows up his feature on the Gospels and self-defense with a look at Jewish law.

Virginia Man Pleads Guilty After Threatening To Shoot GOP Senators

Following the Orlando nightclub shooting in June, Kyler Schmitz of Alexandria, Va., was so upset that he took to Twitter.

Idahoans Set Sights On Castle Doctrine

Self-defense advocates are hoping to get Castle Doctrine legislation introduced in the Gem State this year, according to a report from KPVI.

The Armed Citizen® | Louisiana

13 stories of armed self-defense in Louisiana.

The Armed Citizen® | Minnesota

7 accounts of armed self-defense in Minnesota.

How The Left Incites Violence, Then Spins It Into Justification For More Gun Control

AWR Hawkins reveals how left-wing gun-ban advocates incite violent acts, then use those acts to call for more restrictive gun laws.

Media Spreads Lies About Number Of Mass Shootings

The liberal left operates on a premise of spreading misinformation in the hopes of creating confusion and chaos. Along the way, they’re all too happy to use made-up terms (assault weapon, anyone?), false arguments (the gun show loophole) and bogus stats (40 percent of guns are sold at gun shows without background checks) to sell their agenda.

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