Anti-Gun Groups “Confident” Biden will Take Executive Action Against Your Rights

A recent White House meeting has anti-gun groups excited that Biden will take action, and soon.

Anti-Gun Groups Rally In Newtown During SHOT Show—Along With Gun-Rights Supporters

More than 2,500 miles away several anti-gun groups descended upon NSSF headquarters to protest.

Anti-Gun Groups Pushing Ohio Gov. Kasich To Veto Self-Defense Legislation

NRA-ILA is reporting that anti-gun groups have escalated their tactics and are fiercely lobbying Ohio Gov. John Kasich to veto Sub. Senate Bill 199—an important piece of NRA-backed self-defense legislation.

Broadway Goes Hollywood in Terms of Gun Control

Producer of “Oklahoma!” pledges donations to anti-gun groups.

Minnesota Lawmakers Want Public To Fund Gun Control

Some Minnesota state Senate Democrats are pushing for a measure that would fund activities of anti-gun groups with public funds.

Montana Votes in Favor of Pro-Freedom Ballot Referendum

Voters approved a preemption measure despite heavy opposition from anti-gun groups.

Biden Uses Expletives to Insult American Freedom, But Builds Momentum

As Biden’s lead grows, support from anti-gun groups and politicians coalesced around the former vice president.

Federal Research Shows Criminals Usually Get Their Guns via Crime

Maybe anti-gun groups could push for harsher sentences for criminals in the “business” of stealing and illegally selling firearms?

NYT Doubles Down On Stupid After WaPo Reveals Suppressor Lies

The New York Times has doubled down on lies by anti-gun groups that suppressor legislation will make life easier for criminals while not helping hunters and sport shooters.

Clinton Celebrates Presumptive Nomination With Anti-Gun Groups

After becoming the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton celebrated with her favorite gun-control groups.

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