The Armed Citizen® June 29, 2014

Bill Canada, owner of Meadow's Pharmacy, had just opened the drug store moments before an armed man wearing a mask entered and demanded money. Canada backed away from the robber, but the robber advanced toward him.

Fear And Hoarding In Canada

Canadians' angst over ammo has led our northern neighbors to start hoarding .22-caliber ammunition.

The Armed Citizen® Pharmacy Robberies

A survey of armed pharmacists and employees defending their establishments.

Did They Even Read It?

Huffington Post Canada proves it’s not above ignoring facts in favor of pushing gun-control ideals.

Stop The Noise

Why the time has come to legalize suppressors nationwide.

Racing Stripes On A Mustang Doesn’t Make An Indy 500 Car

The RCMP declared Mossberg’s Blaze .22-caliber rifle as legal, yet the Blaze-47, was deemed prohibited.

Canada’s Good Guy With A Gun

When a lone terrorist attacked Canada’s parliament, Kevin Vickers saved the day.

The Great War Begins

The “war to end all wars” sadly wasn’t. WWI began 101 years ago this week.

Justin Bieber: I’d Fix America’s Gun Laws

Pop singer Justin Bieber has now officially weighed in on guns.

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