Virginia Vetoes

On Friday, anti-gun Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced his veto of three key pro-gun bills.

Armed Firefighters Prevent Firefight

The quick thinking of two Aiken County, S.C., firefighters may have prevented a massacre Tuesday evening.

Ohio Measures Would Expand Right To Carry

Ohio lawmakers have proposed two bills that would extend the right to carry.

Nevada Bill Awaits Governor’s Action

Gov. Sandoval has eight days to sign SB 175 into law.

Oregon Reciprocity Bill Continues To Build Momentum

HB 3093 is now headed to the Senate floor.

Ex-Anchor’s Husband Kills Robber At Motel

Former anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, Chuck de Caro, are both concealed-carry permit holders.

The Sinking Of The Atlantic

If one big meaningless gun law won’t do the trick, why would a bunch of small ones?

Women Lead Right-To-Carry Boom

Since 2007 the number of women who have obtained concealed-carry permits has jumped a whopping 270 percent.

Americans Can Shoot Straighter Than The Washington Post

See how anti-gun propaganda trumped up as research is attacking defensive gun use.

The Armed Citizen® Retail Stores, Part 1

These heroic customers used firearms to stop threats at retail establishments.

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