Leading The Way To The Second Amendment

Here is our field guide to supporting the Second Amendment.

Professor Warns Coloradans: “We Need To Be Armed”

Police are speculating that three unsolved murders over the last two months may be related.

Sheriff’s Department Goes Full-time On Concealed Carry

DeKalb County (Ga.) Sheriff Jimmy Harris said, “A deputy sheriff is never off-duty.” An admirable candor, we submit.

Maine Boy Scouts Train with Donated Suppressors, Rifles and Ammunition

The Boy Scouts of America’s Pine Tree Council is now the first in the nation to incorporate the use of suppressors to mitigate noise in its firearms training.

Americans Can Shoot Straighter Than The Washington Post

See how anti-gun propaganda trumped up as research is attacking defensive gun use.

Indiana Seeks NRA’s Help In Training National Guard

While other states have relied on military or law-enforcement trainers, Indiana is receiving instruction free of charge from NRA instructors.

A Hero For The Next Generation

Can taking inner-city kids hunting and fishing really save lives?

Europeans Push Back Against Gun Control

Many Europeans aren’t on board for the new gun-control plan.

Iowa Gun Sales, Carry Permits Rising

Iowa is seeing a dramatic increase in gun sales, carry permit issuance and demand for firearms training, the Des Moines Register reports.

Terrorists v. Sheepdogs

Be prepared for danger or live your life in a threat-free utopia: You decide.

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