If Guns Are Illegal In England, Why Is Gun Crime On The Rise?

Last week as she was leaving a library in Birstall, England, 41-year-old MP Jo Cox was stabbed and shot in broad daylight.

The City That Makes Gun Bans Famous Breaks Yet Another Gun-Crime Record

Chicago murders continue spiraling out of control, with homicides up 71 percent the first three months of this year.

Violent Offenders Poised To Hit The Streets This Fall?

Much of the gun crime that anti-gunners blame on availability of firearms is actually the product of a broken criminal justice system.

Americans Reject Scheme To Pay Killers Not To Kill

Four out of five Americans surveyed in a Rasmussen poll disapprove of plans by some cities to reduce crime by paying criminals not to commit gun crime.

DC Pays People Not To Commit Crime

Want a $9,000-per-year government handout? Just commit a gun crime in Washington, D.C.!

LA Times Op-Ed Blames Mexican Drug Cartel Violence On U.S.

A Los Angeles Times op-ed on Thursday ran with an old Obama-era myth to blame the United States for violent gang-related gun crime in Mexico.

Thriving Illegal Gun Market Feeds Australian Crime

Australia’s The New Daily reports that residents “are more at risk from gun crime than ever before with the country’s underground market for firearms ballooning in the past decade.”

Gun Crime Nearly Doubles Over A Decade In UK

So much for the success story of gun banning and confiscation in Great Britain

Standing Guard | The Anti-Gun Crime Wave

As NRA members, you and I share core beliefs and a connection to the fabric of what keeps us free.

Media Unquestioningly Repeat Connecticut Gun Crime Claim

The Washington Post’s report on a “study” was tied to the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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