Armed Homeowner Stops Intruder

The home intruder was asked to leave. He refused. The homeowner armed himself, then asked again.

Texas Homeowner Shoots Intruder

A southwest Houston homeowner used his firearm to stop an intruder who was attempting to break into his home early Tuesday morning.

Ohio Man Shoots Home Intruder

Police believe an incident in which an Ohio man shot an alleged home intruder is a simple case of armed self-defense.

Indiana Woman Fends Off Intruder

A Brooklyn, Ind., senior citizen used her gun to scare off a home intruder on Wednesday.

Pastor Shoots Intruder At Church

Pastor Benny Holmes was asleep in his church office around 6 a.m. when he heard an intruder bust down a door.

Armed Pennsylvania Man Stops Intruder

A Philadelphia, Pa., man who was being attacked by a home intruder used his gun to put an end to the dangerous situation early Friday morning.

Michigan Homeowner Stops Home Intruder

A West Michigan homeowner gave an intruder more than he bargained for late last week.

Kentucky Man Uses Gun To Stop Intruder

According to TV station WLKY, police officers said the intruder fled on foot and was later found at a nearby hospital.

Armed Texas Man Stops Home Intruder

A Corpus Christi homeowner used his firearm to stop a home intruder early Saturday morning.

Texas Woman Shoots Home Intruder

A north Harris County, Texas, woman used her legally owned firearm to protect herself from a home intruder on Christmas Day.

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