How Bloomberg Censored John Lott

We fact-check the claim that Bloomberg had an interview with John Lott cut from “Under The Gun.”

John Lott Q&A: The Truth About Right To Carry

Researcher and author John Lott discussed Right to Carry and the move for national reciprocity.

John Lott Q&A | America’s Murder “Problem”

Criminologist and researcher John Lott discusses new research showing that most murders are committed in a tiny fraction of the country.

John Lott Q&A: Debunking Media Spin On Guns And Domestic Violence

Criminologist and author John Lott takes on the media spin on guns and domestic violence.

John Lott Debunks New RTC “Study”

A new, widely published study that claims to prove that Right-to-Carry laws increase violent crime is nothing but smoke and mirrors, according to researcher and author John Lott.

John Lott Blasts Back at NICS-For-Voters Critics

When John Lott—an acclaimed researcher and author—recently suggested that the President’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity consider using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to screen voters.

Get John Lott’s "The War On Guns" For $1.99

If you don’t have John Lott’s latest book, War on Guns, now’s the time to get it at a very special price directly from Amazon.

Researcher John Lott On Campus Carry Delirium

With all the hand-wringing and nay-saying over the new campus carry law that took effect recently in Kansas, researcher John Lott is leading out as the voice of reason in the controversy.

John Lott On Democrats, Guns And Poor Americans

Writing at chicagotribune.com on Monday, author and researcher John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, revealed how anti-gun Democrat lawmakers make it more difficult for low-income Americans to defend themselves and their families.

John Lott: Guns Only For The Rich In Connecticut

In a Tuesday column in the Hartford Courant, researcher John Lott pointed out how Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposed exorbitant fee increases would impact citizens most vulnerable to crime—the poor.

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