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7 accounts of armed self-defense in Minnesota.

Minnesota Carry Permits Up Sharply

January marked a record-breaking month for carry in the state of Minnesota.

Is Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Deaf?

The Minnesota Senate is poised to agree with the House and send a measure to Gov. Mark Dayton that would remove a ban on suppressors.

Minnesota Mulls Military Carry Reform

Paul Gazelka has proposed that Minnesota National Guard and other active-duty military should be able to carry concealed without a permit.

North Dakota And Minnesota Reach Reciprocity Agreement

Minnesota will recognize Class 1 licenses from North Dakota but not Class 2 licenses, which don’t require a shooting proficiency test, effective immediately.

Minnesota Lawmakers Want Public To Fund Gun Control

Some Minnesota state Senate Democrats are pushing for a measure that would fund activities of anti-gun groups with public funds.

Attention: Lead Ammo Ban Threatens Minnesota Hunters

A proposed ban on lead shot ammo in Minnesota requires continued attention from hunters in the state.

Minnesota County Opens New Permit Office As Applications Rise

There’s a run on people choosing to carry firearms for self-defense in Minnesota, so much so that many counties can’t keep up with application requests

Minnesota Constitutional Carry And Castle Doctrine Bills Need Your Support

Two pro-gun bills were introduced last week in the Minnesota legislature—House File 188, which would make Minnesota the 12th state to embrace Constitutional (Permitless) Carry, and House File 238, which would allow crime victims to meet force with force by lifting the “duty to retreat.” These bills need your vocal support.

Minnesota Dentist Won’t Face Charges For Legal Lion Hunt

Three months after rabid anti-hunters relentlessly persecuted Minnesota big-game hunter Walter Palmer for killing a named lion while on safari in Africa, the Zimbabwean government has announced Palmer did not break any laws and will face no charges.

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