NBC’s Fake News On Millennials And Guns

A bogus headline from NBC News completely misleads casual readers about Millennials and their attitudes toward gun ownership.

NBC: Throw Groceries To Stop Armed Robberies

What should you do during a convenience store robbery? That’s the question NBC’s “Today” show posed as it examined a string of violent robberies occurring this summer across the United States. For an answer, they turned to survival expert Mykel Hawke.

NBC Fake News Alert: Criminals Buy Parts Online To Easily Build Untraceable “Ghost Guns”

Why you shouldn’t believe NBC’s fake news story about “ghost guns” and violent criminals.

NBC Twists Education Secretary Nominee’s Words Regarding Armed School Security

In its relentless efforts to dumb down debate and drum up opposition to President-elect Trump, NBC News effectively transformed itself into an episode of “Saturday Night Live” Wednesday, when its headline shrilled, “Betsy DeVos Cites Grizzly Bears During Guns-in-Schools Debate.”

Shooting Straight with Grant Stinchfield

Grant Stinchfield is the host of "Stinchfield" on Newsmax. He has a lot to say about the battle for our freedom.

Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race Broadcast Live On NBC Sports

Bristol, Tenn., is the place to be this weekend as one of racing’s most anticipated events—the 2016 Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race—roars into the Bristol Motor Speedway this evening.

More Celebrity Killers Means More Killers, Period

NBC News says that reporting of dreadful events does inspire copycats.

Poll: Support For NRA Outpaces That Of Either Party, All Candidates, Supreme Court

A survey conducted by NBC News/Wall Street Journal shows that support for NRA among the general public continues to grow.

D.C. Residents Hold Bake Sale For Answers On Crime

“I want to know why we have criminals on the street when they should be locked up,” Krepp told NBC 4.

Missoula Background Check Ordinance Faces Opposition, Unpopularity

An informal poll conducted by NBC Montana also shows roughly two-thirds of respondents opposed to the ordinance.

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