OSU Student: We Should Be Empowered To Carry On Campus

Law student and former Miss Ohio Madison Gesiotto joins Colion Noir to discuss campus carry in the wake of the Ohio State University terror attack.

The Armed Citizen® | Ohio

Six stories of armed self-defense from Ohio.

Ohio Considering “Permitless” Carry

A proposal under consideration by Ohio lawmakers would allow residents 21 and older who are not ineligible to own a gun under federal law to carry a concealed firearm without a right-to-carry permit.

Ohio State Attack Spurs Campus Carry Consideration

This week’s attack on the Ohio State campus has spurred renewed interest in campus carry legislation currently moving through the Ohio state legislature.

Ohio Man Shoots Home Intruder

Police believe an incident in which an Ohio man shot an alleged home intruder is a simple case of armed self-defense.

Ohio Measures Would Expand Right To Carry

Ohio lawmakers have proposed two bills that would extend the right to carry.

Ohio Man Stops Home Invaders

A Lockland, Ohio, man is alive today thanks to owning a firearm and knowing how, and when, to use it.

Armed Ohio Man Stops Robbery

A Cleveland, Ohio, man used his personally owned firearm to battle an armed robber early Monday morning, possibly saving his own life.

Armed Ohio Homeowner Fends Off Intruder

Police in Columbus, Ohio, have arrested a man whose home invasion plans came to an end at the hands of an armed homeowner.

Disarmament No Longer The Rule At Ohio’s National Guard Facilities

Ohio guardsmen and women will now be permitted to carry firearms in defense of self and others.

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