Faux Researchers Claim Opposition To Gun Control Fueled By “White Resentment”

The Washington Post on Monday said “researchers” claim “white resentment is fueling opposition to gun control.”

L.E. Opposition To CA Gun-Control Measures Continues To Grow

In addition to those gathered Tuesday, members of California’s largest police union have also expressed opposition.

Expect Gorsuch Opposition To Look Like Campus Revolts And Town Hall Shutdowns

Expect the opposition to the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court to be similar to the shouting mobs disrupting recent college campus and town hall events.

Californias Largest Police Union Joins Anti-Gun Initiative Opposition

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to further restrict gun rights in California has taken an even bigger setback: Opposition from the state’s largest law enforcement union, as well as eight other police groups.

VIDEO: The Importance of the NRA at 150

The NRA’s founders in 1871 may not have foreseen the political importance of the organization they created, but we owe them our gratitude.

Nevada Poll: Voter Opposition To Question 1 Growing

This week, the Las Vegas Review-Journal released poll results showing that the number of Nevada voters who oppose Question 1—a Michael Bloomberg-funded ballot initiative which would mandate so-called “universal” background checks—is growing.

Opposition Grows To Quebec’s Proposed Gun Registry

It’s estimated that it will cost roughly $17 million to start the registry and another $5 million annually to operate.

Missoula, Mont., Residents, Voice Your Opposition To Anti-Gun Ordinance TODAY

On Sept. 26, the Missoula, Mont., City Council is set to hear a proposal that would require background checks on all gun sales and transfers (with limited exceptions).

Texas: Bloomberg’s Moms Demand ... A Clue

A seemingly endless series of women “testified” in opposition to legislation permitting licensed open carry in Texas.

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Obama’s 2017 Budget Includes Over $1 Billion For Gun Control

Republicans have voiced their opposition, and House Speaker Paul Ryan is expected to fight the proposed gun-control funding.

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