Maine to Defend Shooting Ranges against Restrictive Ordinances, Frivolous Litigation

New businesses that spring up within earshot of shooting ranges will not be able to put them out of business over noise or safety complaints.

Forget Just Going After Firearms, Anti-Gunners Don’t Even Want Ranges

Whether it’s blocking new ones or harassing existing ones, safe places to shoot are facing municipal and legal challenges.

Maine Governor Signs Bill Outlawing Gun Registry

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage recently signed a measure outlawing gun registries in the state.

Maine Senate Passes Bill To Outlaw Gun Registries

While history is full of warnings about the dangers of gun registration, over the past several years Americans have watched as firearm-registry laws have been passed within our own borders. After these registries enabled California lawmakers to realize their goals of confiscation, is it any wonder that some states, led by more freedom-minded lawmakers, have chosen to go in the other direction?

Maine Governor Signs Bill To Protect State’s Gun Ranges

Gov. Paul LePage gave his signature of approval Tuesday to a measure that will protect and promote access to shooting ranges in Maine.

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