Media's Anti-Gun Message Gets Jammed

Polling shows that public opinion in the U.S. remains in favor of Second Amendment rights.

New Poll: Americans Recognize NRA’s Positive Influence

Such high polling numbers illustrate that a majority of Americans see through media depictions of NRA.

A Game-Changer In Iowa?

The NRA’s 2014 exit polling has revealed some interesting insight into the impact and influence of the Association on voters.

NY: Most SAFE Act Support In Big City

New York’s so-called SAFE Act is actually only favored by those living in New York City, according to new polling numbers.

Maine Anti-Gun Legislation May Be Voted On This Week

By week's end, the Maine Senate is hoping to vote on Legislative Document 351, an anti-gun bill allowing cities to stop gun owners from carrying a firearm during municipal public proceedings and in polling places.

Trending Toward Freedom

Polling and other data shows Americans are buying. guns. But where are these trends taking us?

Why Millennials Are Skeptical Of The Gun-Control Agenda

A Wednesday editorial in The Washington Times took to task the widespread skepticism expressed over recent polling reports that indicate millennials’ strong support for gun rights.

Most Americans Oppose National Ban On "Assault Weapons"

A majority of Americans now oppose banning so-called “assault weapons”—a first in more than 20 years of ABC/Post polling.

Martin O’Malley Tries To Get A Leg Up With Gun Control

With Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders receiving far superior polling numbers in the Democrat presidential race, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is trying to battle his way to the top with his anti-gun credentials.

Clinton Supporters Burn Flags, Assault Police Officers To Show Their Love For America

Before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Democrats warned of armed participants and mass violence. Then prior to this week’s election, liberals predicted dangerous armed citizens intimidating people at polling places. In the end, neither occurred.

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