Obama At A Loss For How To Help His Hometown

President Barack Obama is “deeply concerned.” Specifically, about his hometown.

Obama Vetoes NDAA, Blocking Firearms To U.S. Troops And Civilians

President Barack Obama on Thursday vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Obama’s Biggest Frustration—Failure On Gun Control

President Barack Obama continues to lament his inability to pass gun control.

Standing Guard | Your Ammo Is Next On Obama’s List

President Barack Obama is setting the table to ban your ammunition—all of it.

The Truth About Internet Gun Sales

We look at President Barack Obama’s “Internet sales” lie.

Obama Turns Dallas Police Memorial Into Divisive Political Speech

President Barack Obama on Tuesday turned the memorial for five slain Dallas law enforcement officers into a call for gun control.

Obama And Clinton: One Gun-Banner Endorses Another

President Barack Obama made it official Thursday: He formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

President Takes A Day Off From Attacking Second Amendment

President Barack Obama took a rare day off from those attacks in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening.

Has Obama Crowned His Successor?

Now some in the media are reporting that President Barack Obama is preparing to pass the presidential torch to Clinton.

Only 2 Percent Think Guns Are Most Pressing Concern

President Barack Obama seems increasingly determined to use gun control to cement his legacy.

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