Joe Biden Contemplates A Presidential Run

Will gun-ban advocate and Vice President Joe Biden jump into the 2016 presidential race?

Dem Candidates Show Their Hatred For NRA Members

It’s a sad day for America when most of the Democratic presidential candidates choose nearly 5 million law-abiding Americans as their public enemy number 1.

Martin O’Malley Makes A Mockery Of Tragedy ... And A Joke Of His Own Campaign

Martin O’Malley struggles to brand himself as even more anti-gun than Hillary Clinton.

Trump Slams Clinton For Armed Bodyguards

So which is it, Mrs. Clinton? If guns are good enough to keep you safe, why would you refuse to afford that right to the rest of us?

NRA Tweet On Sanders No Surprise

Of course, Sanders’ statement doesn’t make him pro-gun, but it shows that he at least has some understanding of the danger of rolling back the PLCAA.

Gun-Banners Brag About Clinton’s Anti-Gun Campaign

You can tell a lot about people by the company they keep, and that fact is no more telling than when considering Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Vote For This 2A Presidential Debate Question Today!

Act now to make sure YOUR questions are answered during Sunday’s presidential debate!

The Day Politics Stood Still

New York gun owners gather on Long Island to rally for their Second Amendment rights and look toward Election Day.

NRA Launches New Ad Outlining Clinton’s History Of Lying

The National Rifle Association just released its strongest attack on Hillary Clinton to date.

No Matter What Clinton’s Apologists Say, Heller Was Not About “Toddlers”

In the presidential debate Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton attempted to explain what she meant when she said “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment,” referring to the Heller decision, which overturned the D.C. gun ban.

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