What's So Smart About This Gun?

We test the Armatix iP1—a so-called “smart gun”—and find it to be lacking in nearly every respect.

Interview: Dave Miles Of Mossberg

We contacted Dave Miles, Director of Marketing at Mossberg, to get the scoop on what they have in store for 2015.

The First Test Luger

In mid-March 1901, the U.S. military was gearing up to select a new service sidearm But tests had to be conducted and trials had to be held to determine the best pistol.

Slow And Infuriating

An Indianapolis firearms dealer has filed suit against the BATFE to recover its own previously stolen property.

Highway To The Danger Zone

If you have a right-to-carry permit, it’s almost certain you are a law-abiding citizen who takes great care to follow the relevant state laws regulating firearms.

International Hunters Hit Bureaucratic Road Block

A new rule to be enforced by President Barack Obama’s State Department would have a devastating effect on American hunters and sport shooters, engulfing them in a tangle of red tape when traveling to other countries.

Bills Violating 2nd, 14th Amendments On The Move In The “Constitution State”

The Connecticut Judiciary Committee has passed two bills that seek to undermine citizens’ Second Amendment rights by circumventing the Fourteenth Amendment.

Trying The Back Door

No longer just lobbying representatives, anti-gun groups are attacking private companies and trying to mobilize public opinion. The thing is, two can play at that game.

Ohio Measures Would Expand Right To Carry

Ohio lawmakers have proposed two bills that would extend the right to carry.

Why Can’t We Simply Carry?

National reciprocity remains the ultimate goal.

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