Wayne Was Right

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Ann Arbor Votes To Define Guns In Schools As Illegal "Emergency"

The Ann Arbor, Mich., public school board voted April 15 to formally declare that henceforth, any firearm in any school shall not only be illegal, but shall also constitute an official “emergency” (unless the armed person is a law enforcement officer).

Cam’s Corner | Carthage Comes Through

Cam Edwards takes a look at the case of Sawyer Shepherd, a teen suspended for leaving a turkey gun in his truck, and what it says about the positive potential of social media.

Mother Files Suit Over Shirt

After her son was arrested for refusing school officials’ demands that he remove an NRA t-shirt, a West Virginia mother has filed a federal lawsuit against the school board.

Sensibility In The Sooner State

The Oklahoma Senate has approved a bill allowing school districts to designate individuals who may carry firearms on school grounds.

Really Protecting Students In Idaho

Administrators purchased firearms and trained six employees to use them should there be an active shooter situation at Garden Valley district schools.

OK School District Gives Employees Opportunity To Carry Firearms

Parent feedback has been mostly positive, but the most encouraging response has been from other superintendents.

Ohio School Empowers Faculty To Fight Back

Unlike other strategies, an armed administrator can neutralize potential threats immediately without requiring children to put themselves at risk.

Northern Virginia Gun Store Opens ... And Somehow Time Finds Courage To Soldier On

Arlington County, Va.’s, first independent gun store in many years opened Saturday ... and somehow the world didn’t end.

Vote Allows Concealed Carry On California Campus

The school board of California’s Kingsburg High School unanimously voted to allow concealed carry on school grounds effective immediately.

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